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The Marriage Crucible

William Streat

Still the Lonely Heart a Western Australian Odyssey

Harassed by a lifetime of guilt over youthful indiscretions and traumatised by her life’s choices, Ros Hamill returns to her Irish homeland forty-five years after her exile to the wilds of Western Australia to become a farming pioneer. The redemption she seeks reveals a different interpretation of the myth she has created about her life and motives.

‘Silently, she was shocked by each new revelation and the crudity that appeared to accompany it. Was this the netherworld of her vision when she left Southampton, the hell to be visited upon her for her indiscretions?’

‘She was dismayed that she had embellished the future beyond reason, the common failure of dreams. Was it to be her destiny, her road to fulfilment, to follow his prolonged male path?’

‘It was a surprising revelation - to find she had been hardened by the torture of her other life.’


About the Author

William Streat, Author

William Streat M Ed, was born in 1943 in Western Australia where he received his education in history and economics. His lifelong vocation has been education: as a high school teacher, a national education administrator and a pioneer in the export of education services. His passion is to reveal aspects of Western Australia’s history. In 2010 he was awarded for his work on the earlier life and times of the city of Fremantle.







The Marriage Crucible by William Streat
ISBN: 978-1-925590-31-9
Format: Paperback
Extent: 468 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction -- Historical -- Australia


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