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The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms

Matt Schlyder

Hope is Not a Strategy...

In Australia 95.6% of private firms are operating practices with between 1 and 4 partners. How is your firm positioned within this highly competitive market? What are you doing to stand out?

The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms is designed to guide your legal practice to achieve long-term PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW success.

This book will help you clarify and identify the direction you want your practice to move towards, by giving you strategies for implementing a strong competitive edge and developing revenue growth.
Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Do something different in your firm.



About the Author

Matt Schlyder

Matt Schlyder has been working as a Chartered Accountant for over 20 years. He has worked with small to medium Australian businesses to increase their profit and reduce their risk. Matt works with his clients to ensure they are financially well organised and have a strategic approach to all of their financial needs.

In recent years Matt has specialised within the legal industry. He has developed the FWO Growth Club program to aid law firms develop and implement actions that will drive improvement in PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW.

As The Lawyers’ Accountant, Matt Schlyder has extensive experience working with legal practices across a broad range of areas including improvement of their current financial position, developing succession strategies, facilitating debt strategies, restructuring to incorporated legal practice and profit and cash flow improvement.



The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms by Matt Schlyder

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ISBN: 9781925086096
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 152 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Business / Non-fiction
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