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The Sanctuary

S. Bonaventure

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THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD JAMIE MONTGOMERY HAS HAD A TOUGH TIME caring for his mother, but now he is having a few days away from the city at a youth camp in the Australian bush and he is looking forward to having fun like any normal teenager.

A simple decision to walk down to the stream one morning before breakfast leads him into unexpected danger. Confronted by what appears to be an unimaginable situation, Jamie’s instinctive response has him at first running, then fighting for his life.

When rescue comes from an unforseen quarter and a perceived foe becomes a friend, Jamie knows he must join in the struggle to overcome a villainous plot that threatens to expose an 800-year-old secret.

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The Characters

Jamie Montgomery
Jamie lives in Hobart and is, at age 13, the primary carer for his mother who has serious health issues. When our story commences, Jamie is on a youth camp out in the Tasmanian wilderness. He becomes entangled in a pursuit and is placed in a life-threatening situation. From here he will discover a constant companion, make a new friend, and have the chance to join the Sanctuary. He will also need to face up to his fears about his mother's future and overcome them.

Sarah Kingsmead
Sarah is 16 years old and received the Gift when she was born. She has been a member of the Sanctuary for ten years, and is currently hiding one of its supposedly-extinct animals which she has bred in captivity in her home in London. When she attempts to release it into the wilderness of Tasmania, it becomes the target of one of the Sanctuary's enemies. Sarah must fight this foe with Jamie's help.

Sir Robert Kingsmead
Sarah's father is a widower who lives with his daughter in their stately London mansion, Aubrey House. He is also a member of the Sanctuary and helps Sarah with her work. He is a keen student of the natural and paranormal worlds, and he will become a new friend and ally for Jamie.

The Sanctuary's best-organised enemy is known only by his pseudonym, Calleos. He comes from a family which has traded in endangered animals for centuries, but now he is fighting for his commercial survival against the tide of environmental activism which threatens his trade. Sarah's animal can turn his fortunes around, so Calleos deploys four skilled agents to pursue and capture it. He will stop at nothing to succeed, and is hidden by a cloak of anonymity.

Detective Aaron King
A toughened policeman, King is unwittingly drawn into the battle between the Sanctuary and its foes when he investigates Jamie's troubles in the Tasmanian wilderness. He will travel across the globe in pursuit of Jamie, and then become a frontline fighter against the forces seeking to steal Sarah's animal. His bravery and humour in the face of danger make him a great role mode for Jamie.

Commander Henry Thomas
The best officer in the British SAS, Thomas is hand-picked by the oldest member of the Sanctuary to assist Sarah and Jamie in their fight against Calleos. He is an expert in all forms of martial arts, weaponry, and warfare, but his tough exterior belies a care and concern for his young protectees.

The greatest advocate of the animal kingdom in history now runs the Sanctuary. He must help Sarah and Jamie to protect their animal from Calleos, knowing that if they fail, then 300 other endangered species are at risk. He will call on help from an old friend and fellow Sanctuary member, an elderly woman who is among the most pwerful people on Earth. She is also hiding away an "extinct" animal which she fears will be next on Calleos' hitlist.

Dr Louis Van Eisen
A grizzled New Yorker, Dr Louis is the Sanctuary's vet. He has a special facility for Sanctuary members to use when their animals are sick or injured. Sarah will need his emergency assistance to save the life of her animal.



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ISBN: 9781921787287
Format: Hardcover C-format
Extent: 304 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Young Adults--Fantasy - Fiction.
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