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Third Age Careers

Bruce Marshall

Finding Fulfilment in Your Later Years

Do you wonder what you will do in the autumn years of your career? Do you fear that time is running out to achieve the goals and dreams of your youth? Are you unsure how to transition into the age of opportunity with its rapidly changing technology and unpredictable work environments?

Perhaps, like many, you have realised retirement is a thing of the past. The gift of getting older is freedom from the delusion you will live forever. You now understand that time is a finite commodity and that you must adapt and optimise to find fulfilling work.

With refreshing brevity, Bruce Marshall has created Third Age Careers. Drawing on cutting edge scientific, social and psychological research, the author maps the terrain you must navigate to harness your strengths, maintain a competitive edge, and realise your goals and dreams.

Imagine, refine and design a future career path that will fill you with zest and purpose.

Clarify what success, quality of life and job satisfaction mean to you

Discover how to be passionately committed to long term goals

Understand how to challenge yourself to make better career decisions

Recognise the faulty or delusional thinking that hinders you

Conduct an in-depth self assessment of your strengths and growth areas

Think laterally about possible future career goals

Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone.

Take action based on thoughtful consideration and planning

Realise that the best way forwards is not always up.









How would you most like to spend the rest of your working life?



About the Author

For over four decades, Psychologist Bruce Marshall B.A., M.A.(Psych), M.I.G.A. (London), M.A.P.S. has been helping clients from all walks of life manage their careers and discover what they would like to do with the rest of their lives. Steeped in organisational psychology and group dynamics, and a skilled psychotherapist, Bruce has taught at universities in Sydney and London.

Earlier in life, Bruce explored a vast array of occupations as a labourer, seaman, journalist, salesman, museum guide, teacher, and barristers’ clerk. He is passionate about helping others optimise their careers and realise their most cherished goals and dreams. 

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Third Age Careers by Bruce Marshall
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