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Donna Newlands

A riveting tale of a family’s fabric unravelled by one false strand

When the secret John’s kept hidden for a lifetime is exposed in a defining moment, he is set free from a double life—but at a price.

Devastated by her husband’s betrayal, Phoebe leaps at a work opportunity abroad to escape the family turmoil and consider her future. While in London, she stumbles into a love affair more intense than she thought possible and is faced with an impossible choice.

Meanwhile, Seth and Mercedes, tangled in their own teenage turbulence, struggle to come to terms with their parents’ unravelling lives.

Not just a love story—this is a riveting exploration of a family’s truth, lies and redemption. An unforgettable and uplifting read for anyone who has ever hidden a secret, been betrayed or lost someone they deeply love.




About the Author

Donna Newlands lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two children. One night, she woke in the dark possessed by the story of a dysfunctional family navigating the dangerous edge between truth and lies, betrayal and redemption. Eighteen pages of notes later, she fell asleep knowing this was a book she had to write.
Her memoir, ‘Shit Happens’, under the pen name of Doona Moolands, was published in 2014. With many short stories behind her, available as blogs on her website, ‘Threads’ is Donna’s debut novel.



Threads by Donna Newlands
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ISBN: 978-1-925952-83-4
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 410 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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