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To Exodus, and Beyond!

Steve Paull

A Continuation of the Evaluation

In this, the eagerly-awaited Continuation of the Evaluation, "To Exodus, and Beyond!" goes boldly where angels fear to tread: by adroitly dissecting Exodus, the second book of the Old Testament, with the razor-sharp scalpels of Logic And Rational Thought. So, grab your beverage of choice, get comfy and strap yourselves in for an ancient journey of stellar proportions!



About the Author

Steve was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia before being press-ganged into the government railways at the age of 21.

For the last 30 years, he has been riding around regional Western Australia in very large, heavy metal boxes on wheels, and contemplating the nature of the universe.

Much of his spare time is eclectically divided between DIY projects, renovations, landscaping, various musical pursuits (piano, flute, saxophone, clarinet, Irish mandolin, otamatone, piano-accordion, recorder, harmonica, guitar and breathalyzer tube, all of them badly), armchair philosophy, and trying to get his damned pineapple plant to fruit.

Steve has two books in publication, and working on more when time and inspiration seek fit to oblige him.



Reviewed by Gary "Gazman" Campbell:

"Having read train driving wordsmith Steve Paull's first offering "The Thinking Humans Guide To Religion" which deftly & humorously dissected the book of Genesis, I had been eagerly awaiting word of a witty & succinct 2nd helping for some time . . . & . . . (insert fanfare here) . . . here it is . . . "To Exodus And Beyond - A Continuation Of The Evaluation". Prayers answered - pardon the pun.
This outing, Steve sharpens his wit & his pen as he again opens our eyes to the myriad inconsistencies, chronologically & biologically impossibilities (& utter bullshit) contained within book 2 of Charlton Heston's map to multi Academy Award winning stardom - "The good book".
From the outset, TEAB contains a "colourful" use of the English language with regular colloquialisms & a smattering of words you may not find in the Oxford dictionary, all wrapped up in a well researched & insightful study encased within a wicked sense of humour delivering some genuine laugh-out-loud moments.
Do yaself a favour. – Gazman."


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To Exodus, and Beyond! by Steve Paull
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