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Zoe-Anne Fields

A Guided Journal

Transformations – A Guided Journal is a guide suitable for anyone wanting to discover their innermost thoughts and beliefs. If you work through this guided journal you will discover who you truly are. You will develop your own insights about your world and you will be transformed. Your choices will become mindful and your own eternal wisdom will guide you. You will feel reborn.


About the Author

Zoe-Anne Fields is an Intuitive Healer. She has assisted many Souls on their journey through the unravelling of what life seems to be and has helped them to find their own Purpose.
Zoe-Anne has worked with many Souls in transition from this life to the next and she has found it a privilege to work with them so they can transition with calm, peace and love.
Zoe-Anne is a counsellor. She facilitates workshops, teaching Crystal Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Art Therapy, Angel Therapy and Reiki.











Transformations: A Guided Journal by Zoe-Anne Fields
ISBN: 978-1-925209-71-6
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 336 pages
RRP: $t.b.c.
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Mind-Body-Spirit


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