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Transform Your Life

Fiona Briffa

How to find your Purpose, reach your Potential and live with Joy

Do you want to…
start over and transform your life
or simply
tweak a few key life areas for increased fulfilment,
achieve greater life balance for increased wellbeing,
make dynamic choices and set goals for success,
or all of the above?
Then this book is for you!

Fiona Briffa has demystified and simplified the process of personal development and life change in this inspiring ‘how to’ book. After completely transforming her own life, she spent years studying and coaching others.
In this book, she shares her struggles, triumphs and her easy-to-use self-assessment and planning tools.
Over eight days you can:
• Discover your unique qualities, passions, purpose and personality
• Implement them into your life for fulfilment
• Balance key areas of your life for wellbeing
• Set goals for success.

Begin your journey today!


About the Author

Fiona Briiffa - author

Fiona lives to help others find their Purpose, reach their Potential and live with Joy.
She has 15 years’ experience in corporate training, people management and corporate culture development. She is a volunteer community education speaker for the Post and Antenatal Depression Association and runs free ‘life and career development’ workshops for disadvantaged youth. Fiona lives in Melbourne with her husband and has two ‘young adult’ children.

In February 2009, Fiona found herself at her rock bottom and realised she had fallen way short of her life expectations. She knew she was capable of so much more and set out on a journey of self-improvement, to live the life she always knew she could. In this book she shares her struggles, triumphs, and strategies so you can do it for yourself.

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Transform Your Life – How to find your Purpose, reach your Potential and live with Joy by Fiona Briffa
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ISBN: 978-1-925209-62-4
Format: Paperback B+ 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 144 pages
RRP: $25
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Personal Development
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