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Attaining Ultimate Results from your Loyalty Club

Trevor Taylor

Strategies behind a good Loyalty Club

“Attaining Ultimate Results from your Loyalty Club” is a book that uncovers the secrets used in casinos in driving revenue and extra visitation from members. It describes the best strategies in retaining your members and how to attract new members or activate extra visitation from your existing members.

A number of strategies in the book describe how you can increase your revenue from a well-designed loyalty Club.

If you looking at launching a loyalty club, then this book is a must to read, as it shows you the correct steps to follow, in creating the correct benefits needed to drive members and revenue into your business and more importantly what financial data mining you need to carry out with your members to manage your data base correctly.

Marketing today is moving away from once off transactional marketing to more long term profitable relationship marketing. This book uncovers those secrets that companies should be using to gain market share.

About the Author

Teisha Rose

Trevor Taylor, the author, has an MBA (Distinction) in Strategic Management, and has majored in Marketing. His dissertation covered research in the gaming and horse racing industries. His international gaming experience covers being a Senior Manager of Marketing for casinos in two countries, namely South Africa and Australia.

During his tenure as the senior Marketing Manager of the Golden Horse Casino, the company received the accolade from the Business Chamber as the “Business of the Year” on their positive economic results.

He is currently the Chairman of the SA State Advisory Australian Marketing Institute in South Australia and a Charter Marketer for South Africa and the European Union. He has tutored at business school and been a guest tutor at university.

During his career at Adelaide Casino and Golden Horse Casino, Trevor launched three gaming loyalty clubs. Implemented over a thousand promotional campaigns and a number of events to drive visitation and gaming revenue.

With his wealth of experience he has written this extremely informative book, which includes a number of strategies used in attaining ultimate results from your Loyalty Club.  

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ISBN: 978-1-925341-96-6 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 41 pages
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