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Turner's Awakening

James Seymour


Guildford, England – November 1826

Worker unrest is spreading among the outlying mills, and rumours arise that the Turner’s steam-powered flour mill will come under attack. Jonathan Turner, who has made peace with his pregnant wife, is now fearful of her declining health. Mindful that his seven-year-old son’s loose tongue may reveal damaging family secrets, Jonathon must directly confront the angry local workers protesting change.

Anne, flourishing in her role at the Turner businesses, is not aware that Robert’s new navy assignment will bring peril to their doorstep in Guildford. Their joyful romance is tested when thrust into the middle of a political struggle for control in a volatile and changing world.

The Turner children’s new friendship at Cloverdale Chase has implications that rock the family to the core. William treads carefully as his tenuous relationship with his disturbed father is cemented in place forever.
Mystery, romance, grief, and exhilaration bind the family and community together in a gripping adventure as the Turners exploit technological developments and manage social change.

This is the second Turner novel from James Seymour.

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About the Author

James Seymour is English-born and Australian bred. His first novel, Turner’s Rage, was inspired by tales of his great grandfather’s exploits in the 1800s. It is the first of an exciting series that traces one emigrant family’s adventures and travels across the world to settle in the great southern land of Australia. James, a retired CPA, is now a keen historian and revisited England to research his book. The colorful town of Guildford, set on the banks of the River Wey, stole his heart with its bustling streets, friendly coffee houses, green parks and lazy canals. He invites readers to sit back with a cup of coffee and enter a world long past, be drawn into the lives of complex and lovable characters as they struggle through turbulent times with challenges not unlike the ones our civilization faces now.




Turner's Awakening by James Seymour

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ISBN: 978-1-922565-80-8
Format: Paperback 234mm x 156mm
Extent: 588 pages
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