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Universal Wisdom for the Golden Age

D.M. Langdon


Universal Wisdom for the Golden Age is D.M Langdon’s second book. As with her first book, A Treatise on the Soul, D.M Langdon reports she is not the author, merely the scribe. This will be immediately apparent to you, the reader, as you absorb the profound spiritual truths provided.

Such majestic writing will make you want to read this book again and again:
………..Be aware which way you tread, the guardians of peace are watching now, they barely have the time. All horror and hate, they languish anew in the land of tears and fate. The slipstream of life goes drifting by, it barely gets a mention. All guns and bombs and lifeless forms, a jack-knife of hate, a tortuous intention. Barbarity rules, there is no inkling of love. The children wither, all alone in grief and fear, and what do others do? Deny them passage to the West, their fear the final trigger.

…..……. The forests, the seas, the air we breathe - they fall like a pack of cards. The ace, we know, is with Planet Earth, but she simply throws in her hand.  

D.M Langdon is a Spiritualist Medium from Melbourne, Australia. The channelled wisdom received is from two higher spiritual sources. The first source has provided the beautifully descriptive prose which conveys a biblical era. This poetic wisdom is seamlessly combined with the wisdom received from the second source, a universal visitor to Planet Earth from a spiritually advanced race of beings. This being is one of many who continue to visit Planet Earth to help positively influence mankind’s choices.

The combined wisdom channelled in this book is a beautiful blend of loving grace, spiritual truth, compassion and understanding. It is all about mankind’s choices.

Mankind is at the crossroads and we are all requested to awake from our slumber of apathy in order to survive the many changes that will challenge us in the coming decades. The book discusses mankind’s collective responsibility for the devastation of Planet Earth, the impending changes to our solar system, and the many choices and tests mankind endures on the long journey of our souls, ever upwards, ever forwards, in our progression to the light.
This book is a gift to mankind.




About the Author

D.M Langdon is a clairvoyant and clairaudient Spiritualist Medium, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is also the author of 'A Treatise on the Soul'.


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Universal Wisdom for the Golden Age by D.M. Langdon

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Universal Wisdom for the Golden Age by D.M. Langdon
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