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U Turn to God

W. L. Sorrell

Destiny of the Soul

Is it God’s will for us to just accept death as a given and ask no further questions?

Are we to be left dangling in the dark about these things; left to subsist in the ever-present fear of such unannounced uncertainty – to take death as it comes without so much as batting an eyelid?
Or could the opposite be true?

Could God’s intent actually be for the whole human family to acknowledge death in its proper light – for us all to arrive at a point where we fully understand that which we need to, and are completely satisfied not to speculate any further as to what lays beyond it?

For surely this is the line in the sand every soul needs to come to; a defining point past which there is no reason to step – a time, a place, a state of mind, a spiritual standpoint at which we stop striving and finally find rest in the arms of God’s providence.

About the Author

West Australian Christian Author W. L. Sorrell was born in 1959. Growing up in the southern suburbs of Perth, he entered the blue-collar workforce in 1976. Married, with three children and four grandchildren, he continues (as at the time of this publication) to earn his living in the plumbing and construction supply industry, mirroring the ‘hands-on’ work ethic of his dearly loved parents, Heather and John Leslie Sorrell.

Agnostic for the first 40 years of his life, a dogged search for answers was to lead him straight into the open arms of Jesus – an encounter he fully credits for his love of God’s written word.

In 2018, his widely read eBook, U TURN TO JESUS was re-published, followed shortly thereafter by U TURN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Dedicated to his beloved family, U TURN TO OUR FATHER was released in 2020, with U TURN TO GOD ~ DESTINY OF THE SOUL published in 2022 – the sole motivation behind all of his writing being to turn the human family away from indiscretion and downheartedness, back towards the love of God found only in Christ Jesus our Lord.











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ISBN: 978-1-922788-39-9 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 72 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Religion



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