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Nicola Moras

Learn to leverage the online world with no bullshit, so you stop struggling and start getting a return on your investment

'VISIBLE will help you reverse engineer your dream and to put in place the plan to provide for a solid foundation of serious growth and monetization.’ – CHRIS HOWARD, Transformational Wealth Coach


What if you could create powerful marketing that showcases you, builds relationships with your audience and doesn't require a bazillion hours per day or a bazillion dollars to make it happen?

Let's cut to the chase. Most business owners like you are already stretched for time. You need to ensure that any time, money and energy you put into marketing is going to create revenue.

So what if you could design a social media and digital strategy that positions you online as an expert in your industry with small and consistent steps that create a real impact?

VISIBLE shows you how you can use social media for your business gain. You will learn how you can strategically spend a small amount of time on social media to create visibility, impact and revenue.

You will learn:
1. How to unpack your own zone of awesomeness to create meaningful content
2. How to clearly identify your audience
3. How to build a strong presence online that influences others
4. How to get ROI for all of the above
It’s time to rethink how we ‘do’ social media.



About the Author

Nicola Moras is an expert in building presence online. With a 12-year career in financial services as her foundation to creating a powerful personal brand, she decided to launch her own business helping others to market themselves. Nicola has helped thousands of people and companies around the world with their social media and digital marketing strategies.



Visible by Nicola Moras

ISBN: 978-1-925846-30-0
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 160 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-Fiction -- Marketing
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Nicola Moras