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Welcome Aboard!

Janett Dobler
RPN Nurse Practitioner

Organisations and Politics: What They don’t Teach in Class

Welcome Aboard! is a term commonly used to congratulate and welcome new staff to the team or organisations. Usually this is accompanied by a handshake symbolising a warm greeting and a sense of belonging to the group or team.  Besides achieving and celebrating success, growth and profits, groups, teams, or organisations have internal-people-dynamics and political struggles that are subtle to the eye especially to newly appointed staff who are unsuspecting and sometimes naïve to the fact of the existence of adverse sub-cultures within organisations. Welcome Aboard! Is written to every professional who seeks to understand people and organisational behaviours, both positive and negative for many have seen: Most are unawakened.

Janett Dobler has intentionally compiled lived-experiences and her career experiences to evoke conversations about existence of adverse sub-cultures within organisations that will raise awareness to consciously awaken and empower those who are struggling to launch their careers and those experiencing challenges emanating from organisational politics, discrimination, oppression, jealous, backstabbing, subordinate-insubordination, nepotism, slander, malicious lies. When you read this book your perspective about politics and organisations will be transformed for the better, you will learn to invest your time on respect, self-improvement as a stand-alone entity, bring excellence to the organisation rather than be devoured by distractions around the workplace. When you practice some of the salient principles in this book, you will emerge as a selfless, confident, focused, and respectable professional who is a positive asset to any team or organisation promoting quality service. If there are scarce opportunities for growth or promotions within your organisation, the whole world is an organisation that offers a platform for other opportunities for you as a stand-alone entity, don’t be afraid to explore.



About the Author

Janett Dobler

JANETT DOBLER: RN. Nurse Practitioner, Author
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Honors: Politics and Administration, Bachelor of Nursing, Grad Dip. Clinical Nursing, Grad Dip. Mental Health Nursing, Master of Nursing, Grad Cert Education.

Author: Re-Write EBITDA for Residential Aged Care: Quality Care the Missing Formula? The Australian Talking Point, 2018.

Writer and Presenter of paper “Dementia Care a Specialty within a Specialty: What Is the Outrage?” at The International Dementia Conference 2020.








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