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When it's hit the fan book

Elizabeth Wilks

An Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster Ride

Being an entrepreneur involves taking risks and Elizabeth Jane Wilks has taken more than most. Riding the initial wave of the boom in the UK was a brave and foolhardy venture, but for one woman the dream of taking a company to the stock market was a driving passion.

From the modest start of a two person home-based business turning a reasonable profit, to the exciting challenge of running teams of people, fundraising, and the highs of ‘live’ presentations, everything was going to plan.

But soon after a successful flotation, the euphoria quickly faded and she found herself having to cope with office politics, looming product deadlines, factional board meetings, the stress of dwindling bank accounts and widening cracks in her personal relationships.

This is a valiant account of surviving overwhelming challenges and the regaining of a fighting spirit!


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When it's hit the fan book
Published : MAY 20--11
RRP: $24.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980757859
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Biography / Entrepreneurship
Book size : 133mm x 203mm
Pages : 254pp