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Wobbly Jim
and a parrot named Sue

By Kate Toon
and Will Pearce


Small friends can make big allies. Wobbly Jim is the tale of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee. His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship, loyalty and adventure


Once there was a pirate and his name was Wobbly Jim.
He used to have two legs but a shark took one from him.
So now his leg is wooden and it doesn't fit quite right.
He polishes it with honey, then takes it off at night.
Jim sails the mighty oceans on his boat, ‘The Merry Cow’.
It’s painted black and white, and has udders on the bow
He eats barnacles for breakfast and has seaweed for his tea.
And he washes it all down with a pint of dolphin wee.




About the Authors

  Kate Toon and Will Pearce

Kate Toon is a copywriter living on the Central Coast with her husband, son and furry muse, Pamplemousse. Kate has written several plays, some short films, a TV pilot and a book of daft poems ‘Gone Dotty’, which was published last year with the help of the kind Pozible people. Learn more about me here .

Will Pearce is a Senior Graphic Artist with News Corp. When he’s not working the night shift producing the next day's Daily Telegraph, he’s wrangling his four offspring to various sports events and enjoying his wife’s fine cuisine. Will used to do daily political cartoons for the stable of Rural Press newspapers before taking on a senior Graphic Artist role with SMH and then the Daily Telegraph.




Wobbly Jim by Kate Toon and Illustrated by Will Pearce
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ISBN: 9781925086201
Format: Paperback A4 297mm x 210mm
Extent: 32 pages
RRP: $24.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Pirates--Fiction.
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"Wobbly Jim is the most captivating, original pirate you’ll ever meet. From the moment I discovered that he and his friends Sue the parrot and teddy Little Dave eat fishy ice-cream washed down with dolphin wee, I was hooked. But be warned me hearties – you’ll be reading his swashbuckling adventure to your preschooler over and over again!”
- Charlotte Calder, Author