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Average 70kg D**khead

Dan Pronk

Motivational Lessons from an Ex-Army Special Forces Doctor

Ever get the feeling that you’re destined for great things, but you don’t quite know how to get started? Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with life passing you by and a fear that you will die wondering what you could have achieved? If so this book is for you.

Average 70kg D**khead tracks key life events of Dr Dan Pronk from his beginnings as an average chubby kid, through his failed attempt at professional triathlon, onto becoming a doctor, joining army Special Forces, being decorated for his conduct in action in Afghanistan, and then onto his post-army career as a medical executive and co-owner of a multimillion dollar business. Throughout the book Dan shares his motivational philosophies and key lessons learned from his journey. He breaks down the goal setting process and provides examples of how seemingly impossible goals can be deconstructed into smaller and smaller achievable sub-goals, creating a clear pathway to getting started and moving towards your ambitious objectives. Dan highlights the crucial factor of persistence in goal attainment and uses case studies from the Special Forces selection process to illustrate that average people with above-average persistence will beat stronger, smarter, faster, and more educated people who are not as willing to persist every time.

This book will inspire you to do more. Be it to get off the couch and get started, or double down on your existing goals and supercharge your commitment to them. You only get one go at this life, so what are you waiting for? Give it a read and get going!


About the Author

Mr Smith

Dan Pronk had a profoundly average Australian upbringing, the son of an army helicopter pilot father and speech therapist mother, he had one brother and a cat growing up. After attending seven schools and getting expelled from one, he graduated high school with average grades and began the ambitious pursuit of a career in professional triathlon. Five years later when that failed, on a whim he applied for the army and sat the entrance test for medical school, being successful in both and setting him on a trajectory to becoming an army doctor. A year later an encounter with a group of Special Forces soldiers led to a lightbulb moment for Dan, he had to join Special Forces and be a part of what they do. The only problem was it would be six years before he would be allowed on the Special Forces selection course. Undeterred, Dan set his sights on Special Forces selection and year-in, year-out bettered himself with a view to passing the course.

In 2008 Dan successfully completed the Australian Special Air Service Regiment’s selection course and went on to become one of Australian Special Operations’ most highly deployed and decorated doctors. After five years with Special Forces Dan discharged to pursue a career in civilian medicine, as well as further study in the form of a Master of Business Administration. Demons from Dan’s military time would catch up with him after discharge and following a period of struggle with Post-traumatic Stress, he emerged out the other side a stronger person, experiencing Post-traumatic Growth. Post-army Dan has gone on to an executive role in medical management, as well as co-owning the multimillion dollar company TacMed Australia and founding several other entrepreneurial startups. He stays engaged with tactical medicine through serving as a board member of the Australian Tactical Medical Association and as the medical director of TacMed. He lives in South Australia with his wife and three boys and drives his vintage Lamborghini in the hills whenever he can.

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Average 70kg D**khead by Dan Pronk
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ISBN: 978-1-925846-74-4
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