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77th Pearl

Shamot Sesju

The Perpetual Tree

The secret teachings of Jesus decoded for the twenty-first century

Over two thousand years ago a being was tasked with delivering an important message to a planet, in a distant galaxy. That being was called Jesus.

There was a problem. The period in which Jesus entered that world meant His message would not be understood for over two millennia.

The solution. Find a person who was not influenced by the culture of the time and give this person the message. Encrypt the message so it could be kept safe for the future, when it could be understood. That message is in the Gospel of Thomas.

This book decodes the message.


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About the Author

Shamot Sesju was born in Grasse (France). His family migrated to Australia in 1968, when he was two.

Shamot’s childhood in the central South Australian opal-mining town of Andamooka inspired his life long fascination for matters concerning the Spirit. The barren red landscape and the seemingly endless blue sky encouraged him to search for how the comparatively insignificant human might fit into this existence.





77th Pearl - The Perpetual Tree by Shamot Sesju
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