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99 Building Tips

Paula Evans

The Things You’ll Be Glad You Checked Before You Started Building Your New Home

99 Building Tips is your handiest and most convenient home building checklist.

This user-friendly, room-by-room guide has been designed to help you work through the detail of your new home so you can be confident you’ve asked yourself all the important questions before you start building.

You’ll also find handy insights into aspects of homebuilding such as needs v wants, future-proofing, rightsizing and going green, along with tips on focus, perspective and patience.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions raised. They are simply there to prompt you to consider what the best options might be for you and the new home you’re planning to build.

Work through this essential little guide and you’ll easily cross 99 things off your building checklist.


About the Author

Paula Evans is a freelance writer who loves building and renovating. After cutting her teeth as a local newspaper journalist in England back in the day, Paula later transitioned into the world of PR, starting her own editorial services business more than 25 years ago.

Today Paula embraces the new era of content development, writing blogs, guides, features and e-books on behalf of a diverse range of clients, including a number of homebuilders and property developers. For many years Paula was a principal feature writer with one of Western Australia’s most popular home magazines, reviewing builders’ show homes and sharing insider tips on everything from global design trends to local building issues.

Listing red wine and dark chocolate among her hobbies and interests, Paula has two grown-up children who have both flown the nest and a patient, loving partner who (she’s pleased to say) hasn’t.

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99 Building Tips by Paula Evans
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ISBN: 978-1-922409-78-2 (eBook)
Format: eBook + Paperback
Extent: 84 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-Fiction -- Home Building Advice