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Alien Bloodshed

Alison McKay


The planet of Slier is under increasing threat of war by the evil alien race, The Ejanis.

As preparations are underway for a battle of the most ferocious kind, alien lives will be lost and the once peaceful planet will come under fire of destruction and disharmony. The one alien named Ardav holds prophetic wisdom. Will he aloneĀ  be able to save the planet?

This thrilling Science Fiction novel will enchant you.






About the Author

Alison McKay has always held a passion for writing and books. Alison holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Welfare Studies) and lives in a beachside community in North QLD.



Aline Bloodshed - Alison McKay
ISBN: 9781925515138
Format: Paperback 178mm x 111mm
Extent: 172 pages
RRP: $15.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Science Fiction
Distribution: OUT OF PRINT