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Arya's Dream

Savithri Jayasinghe

Little things matter

Sticks and stones can break one’s bones, but in this intergenerational story of Sri Lankans at home and in Australia, the human spirit perseveres!
Arya, a retiree, steers the villagers of the misty mountains to a new way of thinking. Although she grapples with the ghosts of her past, her compassion and dedication to helping the underprivileged enkindle her dreams.

Nesha, a PhD student in Melbourne, wrestles with dilemmas that threaten her sense of self-worth. Fears of failure plague her day and night. Despite her own struggles, she opens her heart to the sorrows of others. How does her relentless pursuit of her beliefs add an intriguing layer to the narrative, captivating the readers along the way?
Dave, an estate superintendent, has a vision and a mission. His unwavering determination centres on eradicating corruption and malpractices from the estate. Juggling familial responsibilities and a demanding career, how does Dave find himself entangled in a web spun by cunning political agents, their power difficult to evade?

In their unique ways, the three main characters embark on a collective quest to harness the power of good. Connected by blood, their intertwined stories weave a compelling narrative that explores the depths of human resilience. Let us witness the transformative force of their goodness in the face of evil.


About the Author

Author Savithri Jayasinghe

Savithri Jayasinghe is a Sri Lankan domiciled in Melbourne, Australia.  A teacher by profession, she considers writing her passion. While she has published several newspaper articles and poems, Arya’s Dream is her debut novel.  In Arya’s Dream, Savithri advocates change from conventional thinking.



Arya's Dream by Savithri Jayasinghe
ISBN: 978-1-922788-94-8
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 402 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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