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Beyond Stone Walls

Teresa Marr


A classic story of escape, loss, incarceration and the struggle to be free...

Amelia’s search for safety behind stone walls takes her from the slums of Worcester, across the seas to Van Diemen’s Land and then to the madness of Victoria’s Gold Rush.

Her great love affair with Richard endures beyond all trials, and together they seek a life of freedom and security.





About the Author

Teresa Marr

Teresa Marr is a fan of historic novels and period television dramas, an avid reader and enjoys performing in theatre productions, comedies and musicals.

When looking for a topic that would suit a book or period television series she was interested in people from the family tree, and became fascinated by Amelia and Richard’s detailed convict records and the intriguing human story behind the historic facts. Extensive further research formed the basis of a fictional account of their lives that began in England, continued through transportation as convicts to Van Diemen’s Land and finally to the Gold Rush in Victoria, Australia.
Teresa would love to see ‘Beyond Stone Walls’ turned into a television series.

Understanding our ancestors helps us to appreciate who we are, and there are many other interesting characters and events in the past just waiting to be explored for the next book!



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ISBN: 9781925515015
Format: Paperback 210 x 148mm
Extent: 336 pages
RRP: $21.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction -- Historical
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