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We can provide the safety net, navigating around the pitfalls to ensure your book printing goals and expectations are exceeded, at a cost often less then dealing direct with offshore firms that may or may not deliver what you want. Offshore printing supplied by Fontaine Publishing can provide substantial savings and you deal only with a reputable established Australian book printing and publishing company. Check out more information, click here.


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Coffee-table hardcover book printing












Custom book printing options include:
- patterned endpapers;
- french-folded dustjacket;
- cover embellishments: spot varnish;
- embossing;
- silver / gold metallic foiling of cover;
- wide range of internal paper stocks;
- no restriction on book size;
- hardcover sleeves;
- lay-flat ability;
- plastic wrapping or custom packaging;
- CD printing and insertion;
- hand numbering for limited editions;
... and many more custom options, only limited by imagination and budget.