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Clyde's Prickly Ride

Angela Moyle

Clyde the echidna doesn't like it when his habitat is invaded with people. He usually tries to stay out of the way until all the crowds have left, but this year he is lured out of his hiding place by some lovely juicy ants.
What does Clyde get up to on his unintentional adventure? Will he finally discover why so many people love to visit his beautiful home in Canberra?



About the Author

Angela Moyle

Angela Moyle was born and raised in Canberra Australia. She enjoys reading, spending time with her nieces and nephew and walking around her beautiful city. Angela is constantly amused with the local wildlife and finds much inspiration in their antics.  Clyde’s Prickly Ride is Angela’s second published book.

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About the Illustrator

Ian Coate is a military artist and freelance illustrator. Ian has produced an endless volume and variety of illustrations for magazines and books. In his capacity as a visual historian, his artworks are on display at museums around Australia, while his military prints are exhibited by collectors worldwide. Ian has a great love for Australia: its visual beauty, history and heritage, but most of all its oddities. Ian can be contacted through his website:







Clyde's Prickly Ride by Angela Moyle : Illustrated by Ian Coate
ISBN: 9781925209587
Format: Paperback 216mm x 216mm
Extent: 32 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Echidnas--Juvenile fiction