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Della Mortika -
The Library of Wonder

Geraldine F Martin

Steampunk Adventures - Book 2

Abigail and Beatrix have been adopted by the Malefics, a famous inventor family, after a short stay in the Skipping Girl Home for Wayward and Homeless Girls in Melbourne. Zarah sets out to be reunited with them, but when she gets to the Malefic Mansion she is disturbed to find that her sisters are nowhere to be seen.

Where are Zarah’s sisters?

Why have other children been disappearing?

And what do these happenings have to do with the Malefics’ latest invention, The Library of Wonder?




About the Author

Geraldine Martin was born in Melbourne and has lived most of her adult life in the Canberra region where she raised three children, worked in public service and created hats and quilts. These days she writes stories and scripts with her two cats in her studio, which is located right in the centre of her garden in the country. She and her daughter Marisa co-created the Della Morte Sisters and are in the middle of bringing them to life through writing, animation and film. This is her second DellaMortika novel. The first, Voyage to the Antipodes, was published by Vivid Publshing in 2014.










Della Mortika 2 - The Library of Wonder by Geraldine F Martin

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ISBN: 978-1-925442-00-7
Format: Paperback + eBook
Extent: 174 pages
RRP: Paperback $24.95 / ebook $9.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Young Adults--Fiction.