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Emotional Survival Guide

Melody R. Green

Crucial Tips and Techniques for Empaths and Frontline Workers in Emergencies

Never have our frontline workers needed more support than now as we face the coronavirus pandemic together. Our nurses, doctors, aged care workers and helpers are primarily empaths. They have been drawn to their profession to serve others and relieve their pain.  This can be a fraught situation for an empath who is so highly susceptible to the emotional state of others as well as themselves.
This e-book is filled with tips and techniques for empaths and frontline workers to relieve the daily stress of their jobs, so they can function better and longer under emergency conditions.
These techniques will provide the daily support our frontline workers need.

“Keeping your emotions balanced and your mind clear will keep your immune system strong.” Melody R. Green



“An Essential Read for Empaths and Frontline Workers!
These are times of heightened emotions and many people are struggling to cope. It’s challenging enough for the general public, but the current crisis is extraordinarily hard on empaths, highly sensitive people, and frontline workers, from emergency personnel to shop assistants. And in times of elevated emotions, it’s wise to elevate your self-care. Melody’s new book can help. You are so much more than who/what you see in the mirror and this fascinating book is a practical guide for making sense of why often you feel so strongly affected by visible and especially invisible causes.
If you can approach this book with an open mind, you will discover unconventional yet highly practical tools that will not just help you understand your emotions, but also help you process and transcend them. This will help you feel more grounded, balanced and regain a sense of control in a time of global turmoil. 
Emotional Survival Guide for Empaths and Frontline Workers is a timely, informative and essential manual to build more emotional capacity: With tools that include meditations, attunements, exercises and even an empath quiz, you will learn about energy management to keep your cup full whilst doing your job.
Melody leads by both experience and example which makes the content of her latest book even more relatable and thus extra effective.
If you identify as a highly sensitive person, empath, or you are a frontline worker, and you are looking for some much-needed guidance and relief, this book is an essential read.”

–  Christoph Spiessens is a Mindfulness Guide, Published Author and Certified Coach based in the U.K. He travels the world delivering inspirational talks & workshops to help people reconnect to their self-worth and passion for Life.

“A Must Read For Us All.

For empaths and each of us, this book offers clear yet profound insights into our mind, body spirit connection as well as simple and highly effective tools to strengthen our immune system, clear our energy field and release the anxiety, grief and loneliness locked in our cellular memory.
These tools allow us to release not only our pain but also the ancestral cellular memories that we carry in our DNA and even energetic imprints we may have unconsciously absorbed from the land of our birth or where we currently live. Melody also provides hints to access and easily release patterns we carry from the collective that we may have been unaware of.
The final section offers important tips for protecting our energetic boundaries to avoid being drained by the emotions of those around us, even when working on the front lines.”

–  Diana O’Shea

It is a Manual for NOW!

 After thoroughly enjoying Melody Green’s previous offering: ‘A Tipsy Man Goes Naked’, a fictitious delight filled with wonder‑filled and scrumptious short stories, I was an enthusiastic reader of her new e-release: ‘Emotional Survival Guide’.  Although the content differs greatly, as with the previous, this book gets the information contained within across thoroughly, yet with succinct brevity.
It is a manual for NOW, offering guidance on how You can best Survive Well in the current climate of uncertainty. Those experiencing apprehension, uncertainty and distress in the current world climate will benefit from the methods outlined herein, along with employees in any essential service or welfare industry who daily face the confronting backlash of fear‑based anger and impatience from members of the public, along with abnormally hectic and exhausting workloads; and health‑related personnel working with the ill and their loved ones - all of whom also face the potential of infection and associated fears.
It is filled with preventative and restorative techniques easily and quickly grasped, that can be used for protecting self, coping well and jettisoning daily burdens, that build along with the uncertainty presented by the world‑wide Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic, following so closely after the weight of distress felt by so many from the deep wounding of our flora, fauna and so many communities this Australian summer past.
Thank you, Melody, there is Great Need for this information Now; these methods will benefit many, including the so many overwhelmed front‑line workers.

–  Shell, Avalon Beach:


About the Author

Melody R Green

Melody R Green, The Radical Life Makeover Coach, has spent the last 10 years working in the field of career counselling and employee engagement. In 2008, in response to a skills shortage and lack of local employee engagement, Melody created the Sydney Jobs Fairs (2008 -2009) and was nominated for the 2009 Telstra Women in Business Award because of her accomplishment.

Melody has worked in diverse industry sectors such as education, entertainment, transport and logistics, agriculture, hospitality, business services, and health. It was during her time as a counsellor that she first came across women who were feeling disconnected from their careers.  Years later, after she had moved into youth career counselling, she realized women were still struggling with the same issue and needed different resources to support the way they think and make choices in their careers and lives.

Melody has worked in a variety of companies from large multinationals, not-for-profit organizations, trade organizations, a family business, and educational facilities.  It is this broad-based range of experience that enables her to have a wide understanding of various employers’ staffing requirements.


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Instagram: @melodyrgreenbooks

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Emotional Survival Guide: Crucial Tips and Techniques for Empaths and Frontline Workers in Emergencies by Melody R Green
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