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Herbs for Healing

Wendy Trow

A beginners guide to growing, storing and using herbs

Herbs for Healing has been written for busy people who just want to know the facts, therefore the layout and alphabetical index are designed to help you locate ailments quickly.

In this book you will find:

  • The therapeutic qualities of well known herbs, fruit, vegetables and plants.

  • How to grow, harvest and store herbs.

  • How to use herbs to make teas, baths, massage oils, facial steams and tonic wines.

  • Some juicing and meal recipes which are easy to make and have been thoroughly tried and tested.

By the way…….did you know:

Ginger tea is a great remedy if you are always in a rush and have trouble finishing things on time. And that a ginger suppository encourages show horses to keep their tail up!

Garlic should be planted on the shortest day of the year and harvested on the longest day.

As few as three raw carrots per day can reduce your cancer risk and lower cholesterol.


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Herbs for Healing - A beginners guide to growing, storing and using herbs
Published : July 2011
Format : PB A5-format 142pp
Publisher : Wendy Trow

This book is ideal for busy people
who are looking for a natural way
to improve their health.