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Higher Intelligence

Peter AJ van der Made

How to Create a Functional Artificial Brain

Higher Intelligence details a decade-long quest to research the human brain with the aim to develop an artificial brain chip. Computers are great tools for number crunching, statistical analysis or surfing the internet but their usefulness is limited when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. For nearly 70 years, computer scientists have tried to develop programs that approach the intellect of a human, but to no avail. Humanoid intelligent robots are still fiction. Even the most sophisticated robots are nothing but programmed dolls.

Can machines act with intelligence, think and show initiative? What is the definition of intelligence? How can we build a learning, intelligent machine? Once we have built such an intelligent machine, what will its impact on society be? Why has learning, a prime function of the brain, until now never been part of the Artificial Intelligence process?

Higher Intelligence explores all these questions and gives insights in the function of the human brain. It sheds light on a new digital technology, an artificial brain chip that has the capability to learn and evolve.


From the Author

Peter AJ van der Made

There is little or no agreement on what intelligence is. At this time neither Artificial Intelligence technology, nor the impact of that technology on human society are well understood. So called ‘smart’ devices are not smart, let alone intelligent. What is being promoted as ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ is nothing but a programmed cause-and-effect machine that repeats the same routines each time the same stimuli are applied.

Artificial Intelligence, in the sense of a machine that is aware and capable of making intelligent decisions on indefinite criteria, does not yet exist. What needs to change to make intelligent machines a reality?

Why has this not happened already? This book may be the first step in the direction that leads to a truly intelligent, evolving and learning machine.








Higher Intelligence by Peter AJ van der Made
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