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How on earth did I end up here?

Ken Brandon

Meanderings through space, time and mind

From the author of Continental Drifting comes another journey around the globe, this time with diversions, digressions and, sometimes meanderings. Strap yourself in for expeditions to the Poles, Poland and PNC1; an exploration of family history, Haiti and 'hell on earth' and journeys through space and time with pigeons, toucans and a dog that was shot into space in a rocket of course).

How on earth did I get here is a question (sometimes expletive-laden) we've all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. In this book, How on earth did. I go here? Ken has probably provided the answer for you, or an experience/perspective you can relate to.


About the Author

Ken is an Eastern Suburbs local who punctuated his tertiary education with numerous overseas expeditions, some of the stories of which are recounted in this book.

Ken has been teaching now for thirty-five years, the last thirty at Bronte Public School where, at age 71, still teaches part time specialising in gifted and talented education.

Except for the five or so years he spent travelling, he has lived most of his life around the seaside suburbs of Bondi and Bronte. Ken can be seen at Bondi Beach around daybreak where he undertakes his morning walks and swims, year-round, across the bay.


Other books by this author

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If someone asked Ken to choose the best decade of his life, he would probably select that time from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. Apart from a moment when he briefly and unsuccessfully dipped his toes into the sea of matrimony, it was a good life. Ken was unencumbered by career, emotional commitment or geography. It was a time when I gave my heart freely and frequently
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How on earth did I end up here? - Ken Brandon

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