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From the Streets to a Millionaire

Jason Grossman

How to turn adversity into massive success

From the Streets to a Millionaire is simply a story with inspiration and tools an everyday person can easily use no matter where you are in life right now to face adversity and achieve massive success.

We all have a story of heart break, death, illness, tragedy, bankruptcy, financial struggles, relationship issues and adversity. This book simply offers a step-by-step guide to face that adversity and turn it into whatever you truly desire in this life and achieve success.

Jason Grossman shares with you his wins and more importantly his losses and mistakes he has made since dropping out of high school, being kicked out of home, living on the streets and overdosing on heroin. To creating financial freedom, living a dream lifestyle that allows him to travel the world, and most importantly create a charity organization and businesses that contribute to making a difference worldwide.

This book is filled with inspiring stories, mistakes and learnings along Jason’s journey and a step-by-step guide of how he turned his adversity into massive success. In the hopes to inspire you to truly believe that it is possible for you to live the life of your dreams and begin to unleash your untapped infinite reservoir of pure potential.

Within this book you will discover specific strategies on how to create financial freedom, align your psychology for success, live a happier healthier life, travel the world, and truly live the life of your dreams.

Life can be hard, it can be tough even ruthless at times, but it is possible, no matter where you are right now you can be happy, no matter what you’ve been through or adversity you have faced it truly is possible for you to be massively successful.

Many people will read this and not take action or read this entire book, many people will coast through life not living up to their true potential and transform their dreams into reality. Will you?

Dream it, Believe it, Do it!








From the Streets to a Millionaire by Jason Grossman
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ISBN: 9781925341072
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 240 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Self-Help -- Wealth Creation
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