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Lizzie McWitchy

Christine Hookham

Barefoot Magic

Lizzie McWitchy lives in the bush, surrounding herself with animals and creatures who have come to trust and love her. Some men from the city want to destroy the bush to build houses, so the animals enlist Lizzie's help to save their homes. Lizzie then embarks on a special spell to make the men see the earth's distress at their actions.


About the Author

Christine Hookham lives and paints on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Her flair for children's stories flows from her devotion to her own, now grown children. Above all, she wants Lizzie McWitchy through humour and curiosity to share some of her love for nature and connection to the earth.



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ISBN: 9781922022653
Format: Paperback 270mm x 210mm
Extent: 36 pages
RRP: $14.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Children's Fiction.
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