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Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants

Anita Revel

Boost your bookings with easy and effective marketing methods

Celebrants know how to create and deliver beautiful, personalised ceremonies. But with the ever-growing number of Celebrants in Australia today, getting noticed (and hired!) is the key to making a living from the work you love.

As competition increases, only marketing-savvy Celebrants will build a thriving business. Don’t be left behind!

Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants will help you craft and implement your own marketing strategies at low cost and low risk.

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Paul Ritchie

When I first became an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant in 2008, at first I was intimidated by the prospect of building my celebrancy business with such an influx of competition all at once.

Where there were just under 3,500 Commonwealth registered marriage celebrants in 2003, this figure jumped to over 10,000 by April 2010. This doesn’t include the 23,700 or so ministers of religion, registered by State and Territory registering authorities to solemnise marriages.

For many reasons I’ve listed in the book, I decided to do something about sharing what I know about marketing with my fellow Celebrants. Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants is the result.



Essence of Beauty by Michelle LeGrand
Published : JULY 2010
Format : 116pp Pbk C Format
RRP: $34.95
ISBN : 9780980443967
Category : Marketing / Wedding Industry
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