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Milton's Monster Mum



Imagine a small boy who’s mother can gleefully turn at will into any number of hideous creatures at his slightest misstep.

Join Milton as he faces the day with giant mohair-clad monsters stamping and faffing about causing mayhem and madness. All Milton wants to do is play. Can he get away from the Raaaaarrrgh?

Milton's Monster Mum



About the Author

Lambhead writes and illustrates on various subjects for many varied clients, some of his work even turns out ok.
He is currently engaged on Red Cordial Man Adventures Volume 2, amongst other important projects.





Milton's Monster Mum by Lambhead
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ISBN: 978-1-922409-37-9
Format: Paperback A5 full colour
Extent:32 pages
RRP: $13.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Illustrated Children's Fiction
Distribution: Contact Vivid