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P. A. Greene

Our changing ecosystems

What can indigenous and non-indigenous Australians hope to achieve in our walk together this century? The Uluru Statement from the Heart 2017 should see that treaty becomes a reality. Our future together depends on the resolve to end the silence on our dark history that began with colonisation when the bloodshed of massacres washed this land, of the psychological trauma of the stolen generation, and of human rights abuse. Of a people who never ceded any sovereignty of their land.

The next generation must be better informed, educated on what really matters! Of why a social divide and racism exists in Australian society. Perhaps then we can hope for our attitudes to change, for healing to happen. For a transformation of our internal eco-systems. My storytelling begins with Mungo Man validating the existence of the indigenous people of Australia as Anthropocenes who walked on earth some 65,000 years back. So, a link is made to climate change as they in fact, endured a previous ice age. The First Nations People are survivors!

William Stanner an anthropologist drew attention to, a silence maintained by Australian white society at the Boyer Lecture in the 60’s. Rachel Perkins drew attention back to that in the Boyer Lecture November 2019. A problem lies with our perceptions, of why stereotypes perpetuate a racism within the national psyche, especially in older post-colonial Australians. Let’s listen with respect. ‘Dadirri’ a quiet deep listening that allows us to reflect and connect is best described by Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr, the Senior Australian for 2021. Let’s listen please. To end the silence that divides us. Do we need another fifty years just to do that?


From the Author

An older white woman now retired from work, I typed and edited this writing with my trustworthy left hand, therefore if flaws remain I apologise. After a mild stroke, my right hand gave up! My brain still works although my attention span can be reduced. This book can legitimately claim to be the work of disabled person.
It was a work of love with my hope we are drawn together to question why. My generation was embedded in racism that like an untrusty gene in our DNA was passed from one generation to the next. The time has come to end the silence on a dark history, in respect of anthropologist, William Stanner.



NGAPA: Our changing ecosystems by  P. A. Greene
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