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Nudge for Schools

Mr Ian Mackie & Dr Gary MacLennan

Help your students choose success

That’s right, success is a choice. Here are powerful ready-to-use tools that will support positive choices. Ian Mackie and Gary MacLennan have a lifetime of experience in education. Both have taught in a wide variety of settings in Australia and internationally. This book is written for you. Enjoy a conversation between you, the authors and the world’s most influential thinkers in education, psychology and behavioural economics. Don’t miss out!


About the Authors

Ian Mackie has held a number of separate but related vocations in his working life. His roles however, whether as leader of the Qld Teachers’ Union or within the educational bureaucracy have all involved work across the community, public and private sectors. The work he has undertaken aligns with his personal belief in the broader social agenda of the empowerment of the individual and communities to rise and embrace challenge and opportunity. This theme has underpinned his long and fulfilling career in public education, training, community development, wider social policy agenda setting and the union movement. For the last decade his work has been closely related to achieving good results at the coal face of education service delivery and Indigenous issues to empower local communities and practitioners to focus on the individual not only as an individual, but in addition as a member of a community or grouping and also as a human being with a full range of human rights.

Gary MacLennan has worked as a teacher, academic and public servant for some five decades. He has taught in Ireland, China, Africa and Australia at all levels of the educational system. Currently he works as a consultant with Austeur Enterprises focussing principally on Indigenous education. He has a long term interest in philosophy especially the work of the late Roy Bhaskar’s. Gary’s current interest lies in interdisciplinary work that draw upon Bhaskarian Critical Realism and Dual Process Cognitive theory










Nudge for Schools by Mr Ian Mackie & Dr Gary MacLennan

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