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Marcus Rhodes in
Operational Nightmare

M. J. Jurand


Marcus Rhodes is a man caught between worlds and driven by a thirst for justice. Born to a Polish mother and an aristocratic English father, Marcus finds himself expelled from Sandhurst Military Academy after a jaw-shattering confrontation with the commandant.

Disillusioned and estranged from the British Empire, Marcus journeys to his ancestral homeland of Poland, where he transforms into a formidable Grom agent. Teaming up with two skilled Norwegian FSK agents and a determined Serbian Policeman, Marcus is thrust into a mission of global significance. Tasked with unraveling the mysterious American ‘invasion’ of Norway, suspicions within NATO escalate, pointing to possible foul play.

As Marcus and his eclectic team dig deeper, they uncover a web of deception, danger, and unforeseen complexities. The stakes are higher than anyone could have imagined, and Marcus must navigate a treacherous path to unveil the truth.

In this gripping tale of espionage and intrigue, Marcus Rhodes faces a world where trust is a scarce commodity, and the line between ally and adversary blurs in the face of an unimaginable threat.

About the Author

M J Jurand was born in Australia to a Polish father and German mother and raised as a Catholic. Always observant he took careful note of went on inside the Catholic Church when he was an altar boy and later as an acolyte. 

He is a lateral thinking pharmacist with a strong creative streak and has written two articles for Nexus magazine “Food for the skin”  and  “Hope for Dementia with Novel Aged Garlic” He will shortly embark on research to determine if this novel garlic holds a key to overcoming microbial antibiotic resistance.

The author’s profound imagination has resulted in the creation of unique food based health and beauty products found at The same imagination led to the creation of Marcus Rhodes and his adventures.



Marcus Rhodes in Operational Nightmare by M. J. Jurand
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ISBN: 9781923078185
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 336 pages
RRP: $ 29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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