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Our Eternal Relationship

Joseph V. McCarthy

10 Contemplations for a Connected Life

Why is there suffering in the world? Why must we experience the opposite of love in our relationships? Why do we behave as if we are separate from each other? And how can we move beyond darkness and fear to radiate peace, love and joy in all our relationships?

Here are ten contemplations for a connected life, illuminated by the author’s personal quest for transformation and meaning. As you read this book, you will receive a transmission of spiritual insight that transcends any religion or philosophy. You will be uplifted and healed as you remember who you truly are and the unique gift you bring to the world.

Simple and profound, this is an accessible pathway to a life of grace and presence, grounded in compassion and positive action for a better world. By engaging wholeheartedly in these ten contemplations, you will glide through the worst that life can throw at you. You will dare to dream of perfect happiness on Earth.




About the Author

Many years ago Joseph V. McCarthy dreamed a revelation that shattered his world-view and altered his life direction forever. After nine years as a correctional officer in the prison system, Joe left for a monastic life at Tarrawarra Abbey in Victoria, Australia. He lived as a monk for six years, immersed in a life of spiritual contemplation. He now works as a pastoral carer in a hospital and is a spiritual director.

From prison officer to monk to emergency rescuer to pastoral carer for the sick and dying, Joseph V. McCarthy has not flinched from witnessing life’s darkest pits of despair. He believes, “There is not a person in this world who does not deserve our sympathy,” and he offers simple steps towards a life of spiritual integrity and contribution, free of religious dogma.



Our Eternal Relationship by Joseph V. McCarthy
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