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Release the Seed

Paul Berry

Six Steps to Embracing Your Inner Travel Bug

WARNING! Reading this book may cause you to quit your job, leave your partner and blow your savings on the adventure of a lifetime.

If a trip overseas for you usually entails any of the following, then this just may be the book you’ve been waiting for.


✓ Bus hijacked by bandits in Mexico
✓ iolated by a Filipino masseuse
✓ Stalked by a 100kg Tongan broad
✓ Harassed by a wild bore in France
✓ Rorted by a London stripper
✓ Played hide and seek with customs officials
✓ Occupied a Bolivian jail cell
✓ Played basketball with a Spanish bull
✓ Held at gunpoint by Brazilian Federales
✓ Received a Canadian golden shower

“If this book doesn’t make you want to travel, then have someone check your pulse.... You may have progressed from the living!” - Mantis Media

“A travel book like no other. Release the Seed covers every conceivable part of the travelling experience in a riotously funny way.” SPOOK MAGAZINE

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Release the Seed
Published : August 2011
Format : Paperback 152mm x 229mm
Pages : 280pp
RRP: $34.95
ISBN : 9781921787591
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Non-Fiction / Travel Guide