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Stairway to Profits

Darren Gleeson


Stairway to Profits details 150 strategies, concepts and ideas, that if implemented will give you a more profitable, more valuable, and more enjoyable business. These strategies apply irrespective of the type of business you own, the size of the business, or even your level of business experience.

These 150 strategies and ideas have the potential to transform your business. You have an amazing journey ahead of you with the potential for this to turn into a genuinely satisfying and rewarding business adventure. Enjoy the diversity and new found scope for visualising, exploring and transforming your business in multiple ways.




About the Author

Darren Gleeso

Darren Gleeson has been involved in the accounting public practice industry for over twenty five years and is founder of the Success Tax Professionals franchise group of Registered Tax Agents and Public Accountants.

Darren is a taxation and business development specialist who is an advocate for and active in the development, training and mentoring of accountants so they achieve their full potential and provide more value added and proactive services to their clients.

Darren’s blog on practice management, franchising and business development is available at












Stairway to Profits
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