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The Distinct Disadvantage of Being Normal

Allan Sternberg


The Distinct Disadvantage... was originally written by Sternberg purely to distract himself from grief and/or the mundane. His stories gained an enthusiastic fan base that demanded they be made available for a wider audience, THAT’S YOU.

Accompany Sternberg as he joyrides with the King in a stolen rocket, builds his own planet from recycled timber, tries his hand at evolution, begrudgingly celebrates a neighbour’s recovery from ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’, articulates his theory on where ideas come from (and end up) … and that’s just the tip of the Sternberg!

Still reeling from life attacking him with a hammer, cheer him on as he paddles his life’s life boat searching for his ship he is sure is coming in.

A must-read for all those in need of distraction from the slog of building their own world.

Also contains-:
– Improve your chances in a knife fight,
– How to stay in love,
– Plans to blow up the moon.


About the Author

Allan Sternberg

Sternberg was struck by tragedy in his teens (the passing of his two best friends) putting a dark full stop to his near perfect childhood. He sustained a grief-induced concussion and staggered into his future under its debilitating effects…. constructing a lifeboat out of humour he paddled on…

Sternberg lives with his wife of thirty years and their six children in Australia. Working the majority of his life as a janitor he also renovated a 90 year old haunted house, worked a 3 am shift at a chocolate factory, restored a jinxed 1968 station wagon, drove all over town to junior football matches and/or jazz ballet classes, ran a successful café for 9 years having little time for lunch or toilet breaks, became so tired he didn’t know if he was awake or a sleep...and all the while writing little stories.



The Distinct Disadvantage of Being Normal by Allan Sternberg
ISBN: 978-1-925846-95-9
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 176 pages
RRP: $22.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Short Stories -- Humour
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