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The Bohemian Touch

Deborah Novak




"You should write a book about me.” What?
Dan, my Czechoslovakian husband, was usually shy about himself, yet he still had tales to tell of his escape from battle during the 1940’s. He was able to paraphrase his description of the dangers, he worked hard now in gratitude of the job he had been given in Australia, and he could heartily join in the family giggles at his imperfect English.
I had a tender pride for his bravery. It would be something good to immortalise. So I did write a book, its story not strictly factual but redolent of his past and somewhat similar to our wobbly lifestyle – which I had quickly learned to enjoy.
I hope you enjoy it too.

BOOK RELEASE 1st July 2024



About the Author

deborah novak

Deborah enjoyed writing stories even in primary school, and at 15 she entered a competition for writers of young people’s books put on by C.S.S.M. in London.

Her contribution, “Jean’s Black Diamond”, won 2nd prize, and “Son of Diamond” and “Susan’s Conquest” followed, spreading to the Commonwealth and USA, including some translations into German and Norwegian.

As a busy wife and mother Deborah spent most of her spare time leading and writing Bible studies, some of which now make up the series Bible Trek in 80 Day”. Her style is down-to-earth and sprinkled with humour, while keeping faithful to the Bible text, making pleasant and thought-provoking reading.





The Bohemian Touch by Deborah Novak
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