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The Little Lungs Book

Dr Tara Carr

Halting the march towards asthma

In The Little Lungs Book, Dr. Tara Carr takes readers on an enlightening journey through childhood asthma, simplifying the complexities for the reader. Childhood asthma can be challenging, especially for kids. It involves tight lungs, difficulty breathing, and the distinct wheezy sound. Typically diagnosed around age 5, it can appear in babies due to infections and environmental factors. While medicines like inhalers provide relief, there’s no cure yet; however, research is making advancements every day.

Throughout the book, Dr. Carr explores factors increasing asthma likelihood and suggests steps one can take to stay safe. The book provides insights into the latest asthma research, guiding readers to breathe easier. By the time the reader reaches the end of the book, they’ll be well-informed about their baby’s asthma risk and equipped with strategies to reduce that risk. For additional support, visit the First Breath website at



About the Author

Author Dr Tara Carr MD

Dr Tara Carr, MD is a board-certified Allergist/Immunologist physician and Associate Professor at the University of Arizona with clinical, research, and educational passions. In her research career, Dr Carr is focused on studying the impact of environmental exposures on development and heterogeneity of allergic disease, with an emphasis on asthma. Dr Carr has contributed to national collaborative research networks studying novel treatments of asthma for children and adults.
As co-Principal Investigator for the NIAID sponsored Binational Early Asthma and Microbiome Study, Dr Carr's major focus includes describing the immunology of pregnant women and the immunological development of their babies, with a goal of understanding which maternal and environmental factors influence allergic (asthma-prone) and non-allergic immune development.



The Little Lungs Book by First Breath
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