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The Power of God and His Divine Messages

Sonia St Claire

Entering her third orphanage, already orphan weary at the age of seven in NSW, Australia, Sonia St Claire started receiving messages from the Divine. It was then she understood the power and love of God.

As young as Sonia was, she knew her life would not be a happy one for a very long time. Sonia suffered much abuse throughout her fourteen years in institutions. Still, she understood the depth of God's love and His messages.

After a near-death experience at the age of fourteen, she stated, 'God's love and peace are beyond our imagination and comprehension.' There are no words.

Sonia kept receiving messages throughout her life, helping numerous people with severe health problems, even saving their lives, including her own. She forgave her perpetrators, including her mother, and found her purpose in life to help others heal.








The Power of God and His Divine Messages by Sonia St Claire
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ISBN: 9781922565549
Format: eBook
Extent: 144 pages
RRP: $11.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Mind - Body - Spirit
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