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The Rain Circle

Tony Clancy

A novel about global warming and the power of individuals to bring about change

It is 2036, and global warming is affecting everyone in different ways.

Finnish scientist Christian Laakkonen begins the year without a job when his partner, Inka, finds work in Australia. Together they struggle with the intense heat and witness a changing landscape: farms that were once productive carry 'For Sale' signs on rusty gates, and no one wants to buy.

Farmer Brian Ellson, who has an interest in technology that makes a difference, is more positive than most about the future. By year’s end, he, and others like tuna fisherman Kris Pavic, will wield a difference that shocks the world with the power of science.

Actions on such a scale, however, have a human dimension. It is people, not technology alone, who will make things happen in 2036, or at any time. Relationships, contrasting views and the make-up of individuals come into play.

Enter the families of Inka, Christian, Brian and Brian’s friend Bernadette. Brian’s son, the thoughtful Patrick, and Bernadette’s teenage daughter, May, carry our conscience through this story. Behind them all is the power and single-mindedness of a woman dedicated to seeing things through, Hanni Neimenen.

Yes, it is climate fiction, but no story can be told without people.

About the Author

An agriculture graduate, much of Tony Clancy’s career involved converting research results into practical outcomes. Now retired, he wrote The Rain Circle hoping it would inspire readers with the potential of science to offer unexpected solutions.

He chose to publish his novel as an eBook because we must reduce paper use to save our trees. Each individual’s choices count.

Tony has published many newspaper and magazine articles over the past fifty years, and is co-author of The Pie Buyers’ Guide to Australia with his brother, Paul Clancy.


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ISBN: 978-1-925952-78-0 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 220 pages
RRP: USD $9.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction / Climate Thriller.