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The Truth about Diet and Exercise

Adam Gardner


Simple and easy to understand facts about diet and exercise that people of any age can benefit from. Also focussing on how the human species has evolved, and how our dietary and physical activity levels have changed dramatically over the last two hundred years. These negative lifestyle choices can be changed easily with the right education in society. The result, happier, healthier, and wiser future generations.


About the Author

Adam Gardner was born in 1984 in Australia. He has lived and enjoyed an active lifestyle in Victoria and Western Australia. Over the years through sport and blue collar work Adam has gained the knowledge to write this book.













The Truth about Diet and Exercise by Adam Gardner
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ISBN: 9781925171273
Format: Paperback A5 210mm x 148mm
Extent: 74 pages
RRP: $16.95 ($6.99 eBook)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Health -- Fitness -- Diet
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