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Ultimate Self-Help Manual

James Coyle


The 6 programs presented in this compilation were developed by the AUSTRALIAN MIND-POWER RESEARCH FOUNDATION and have produced spectacular lifestyle changes for the Aussies and Kiwis who followed the processes described. Much of the knowledge will be brand new...... you will probably be unaware of it. If you slowly wind your way through the protocols described your life will change! There is no way it cannot!! This has been thoroughly proven by earlier readers. If you have ever had the urge to "reach for the stars" but have been discouraged by your current mindset and lifestyle then this box set will change everything.

Below are basic details of the programs -

A stunning new way to induce stress-cancelling Alpha.... in less than 50 seconds, which anyone can do, anywhere, at any time!
3 unique ways to induce alpha and relieve stress....within minutes!
Plus two ways to permanently reduce stress over a short time period.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION process works reliably but infinitely slowly when used normally. But it works quickly and brilliantly when secret ingredients are added.
As my Mindpower Research Foundation considered this law to be at the foundation of all human achievement we focused on it for several years and evolved processes that made it work far more quickly and effectively. In fact some of the reported results from our clients verged on the miraculous!

AUTHOR QUOTE: I achieved true freedom when I was age 60. If I'd known earlier what I know now I would have achieved this by 25!
This little book is intended to provide spectacular, innovative and outside-the-square solutions for almost any issues you have!
Generate freedom and security by dumping your problems! What you will read is compressed wisdom based on absolute reality and a lifetime of experience.

This is a personal story of how I used a unique alpha and a combined visualization process to save myself from bankruptcy and an emotional breakdown. It worked magnificently. A handful of close contacts subsequently used the process with generally spectacular results.
It combines a very clever alpha training method with an extremely powerful visualization program, which produces quite spectacular results. It is easy to follow and simple to use. If applied properly it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

The first time the author got "high" was after a spectacular mid-air parachute failure and he was injected with morphine in the ambulance. The second time he achieved exactly the same state was when he had hist first successful Theta experience.
This rapturous state gives the feeling of wonderment and profound relaxation and is a totally awesome experience, way beyond the feeling of Alpha.

The term Remote Viewing is used to describe the ability of a person to access distant information in the past, present or future by using advanced intuitional processes.
This publication describes the method I used to learn the Remote Viewing process. If you're prepared to put in a small amount of time each day you are likely to achieve some stunning and spectacular results. I did.... and you can do the same!!


About the Author

James Coyle lives in the beautiful Island country of Vanuatu which has twice won the award as the worlds happiest country. Semi retired but still enjoy writing and sharing knowledge with others, James lives on an absolute beachfront property inside the Port Vila Harbour.

Mindpower haslong been his obsession since he was around 13 years old. His main interests in life have been flying, skydiving, jet ski racing, scuba diving and more recently helicopter flying. James owned the Australian Lateral Thinking Newsletter for many years so tends to think outside the box.
This has helped considerably with my mindpower research.
James' personal website is

(James Coyle was the original creator of all the various MIND SURGE and MENTAL MAGIC programs which sold internationally via various websites under his pen name of JIM FRANCIS.)



Ultimate Self-Help Manual  by James Coyle
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