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Voice of the Bonsai

Mark Hunter

A Conversation on Leadership

There are many books written on the subject of leadership. In fact there are over 140 million hits on Google on the subject.

This book is unique.

It looks at the subject of leadership through the distinctive relationship between a Bonsai Tree and the Bonsai Master. The lessons to be learnt about the relationship contribute to a deeper understanding of leadership in a innovative manner.

Each chapter includes a conversation between the Tree and its Master on a specific area of what it is to be a leader. There is then an elaboration on the issues of leadership that come from this conversation followed by some stories to support the concept, and finally an exercise for readers that will challenge their understanding of their own leadership style.

The conversations alone can be used for the professional development of leaders and are available on CD.

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About the Author

Mark Hunter - Author

One of only Five World Champions to come from countries outside the North American Continent
Mark Hunter is the World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009. He won this title at the Toastmasters International Convention held in Connecticut (USA) in August that year. This competition attracts over 35,000 speakers from around the world. Mark comes from Brisbane, Australia.

Passionate about Toastmasters, he firmly believes in the organization’s capacity to provide personal and professional development in both leadership and communication.

Mark has been in leadership positions for over 35 years both in the government and non-government sector. He was a school principal for 32 years. He now has his own business as a coach and trainer. He trains organizational leaders in the science of coaching for performance development. He presents keynotes, workshops and educational sessions for organizations at home and abroad. He also trains in the area of public speaking and presentation skills for individuals and small groups.

Mark had a water skiing accident in 1975, and has since used a wheelchair. He was then the first primary school teacher in a wheelchair in Queensland, and was the only school principal in Australia using a wheelchair. He is a strong advocate for people with a disability. He has persisted when times were tough, and persevered when those around him would have him do otherwise. He is both an optimist and a risk taker. He has travelled the world, is passionate about life and lives it accordingly.

Mark has 30 bonsai trees, but would not call himself a Master. For him it is more of a hobby, but it is one he loves.




Voice of the Bonsai by Mark Hunter
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