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Warm and Sunny Etc. Etc.

Frankie Exeter

An Ideal Australian Comedy

Was it smart to leave an interesting job at the radio and television station and work as a casual in the pizza parlour and attempt to write a bestselling comedy with just an occasional touch of romance?

Will the outcome be the author becoming a highly regarded best-selling wordsmith extraordinaire or else a mediocre word-mangler routinely rejected by the book publishing industry? Rejection letters are part of the trade-off in the world of creativity, so endure! Deal with it sunshine!

Will our intrepid story-teller be forever trapped behind the counter of the local pizza parlour or will he make a headlong rush into the soft seductive arms of wealth, acclaim and fame? What fate awaits? Who knows?

On the positive side we must accept that reality cannot ever compete with imagination.
So never give up. Never lose sight of the dream.
Remember the Japanese proverb “Baka Mo Ichi-gei” – Even a fool has one talent. Now read on…!


About the Author

Frankie Exeter

Many years ago while gainfully employed as a sales representative, Frankie Exeter was momentarily standing on a wide street corner in West London. It was mid-winter. It was bitterly cold. Snow that had fallen weeks earlier was still on the pavement piled into large ugly grey-looking blocks of ice.

He was dressed as follows: smart business suit under which he wore a tee-shirt, y-fronts, a shirt and tie and a thick woollen cardigan. In addition he wore woollen socks, sheepskin boots, gloves, a scarf and a hat, plus an overcoat. He remembers being so cold his bones were aching. With every breath the cold air was burning the inside of his nose.
At that moment his semi-frozen brain had a fleeting dream of the sun-drenched Australian outdoors and white sandy beaches and a city that he had read about, which had an average of 286 days each year that were sunny or partly sunny. That city has now been his home for more than twenty years.

Living in Australia and enjoying the sunny side of life he was also fascinated by the funny side of life, enjoying the fine tradition of Australian humourists – both writers and performers - whose crisp, dry humour was often truly uniquely Aussie; an irreverent repertoire spiced with fantasy and drollery.

This work Warm and Sunny etc. etc. is hopefully in keeping with the culture where a tender romantic adventure with a lovely lady can be referred to as “to feature with a sheila”.

To be known as an exciting new Oz humourist in the same enjoyable style and manner of these comic greats – if that ever happens – would be ace!



Warm and Sunny Etc. Etc. by Frankie Exeter
ISBN: 9781925341140
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 272 pages
RRP: $20.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian Ficiton
Distribution Currently out of print


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