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When Knife Married Fork

Susan Boylan


Knife and Fork have always been a perfect match on the dinner table but with a formal dinner plate between them, they have never been truly together.  With a grumpy placemat and an over excited serviette, can Milk Jug organise all the dinner table occupants to help these two finally become husband and wife?



About the Author

Susan Boylan is a teacher with over thirty years experience. She has written several resources for Primary School Children and recently published a novel called Billy And The Mad Dog with Bill Boylan. She is passionate about children’s literature, particularly stories told in rhyme as young readers enjoy reciting these rhyming stories over and over, developing in them a reading at a very early age.










When Knife Married Fork by Susan Boylan
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ISBN: 9781925590753 / 9781925590715
Format: Paperback / Hardcover
Extent: 30 pages full colour
RRP: $11.95 Paperback / $19.95 Hardcover
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Early Reader Children's
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