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Wisdom of Eating

Dr. Bel Zoughi

“If we are in tune with our body, it tells us what kind of food it needs and how much.”

How can we begin to rely more on ourselves rather than the over-whelming information in the world about health and nutrition?

Wisdom of Eating is designed to bring more insight to understanding our physical body and its incredible intelligence. With a little guidance on this magnificent being combined with some basic information about food, this book will assist in alleviating confusion when it comes to your body’s nutritional needs.

Dr. Bel Zoughi brings 40 years of experience in studying and practicing medicine and health from two different countries with different approaches to medicine.


About the Author

Dr. Bel Zoughi has been practicing medicine for over 40 years in Iran and Australia. She has been here in Australia for around 20 years and loving it!

Bel is so passionate about nutrition and your body that she decided to write a book about all her learnings and the most common topics and discussions she has with her patients.









Wisdom of Eating by Dr. Bel Zoughi
ISBN: 9781922022684
Format: Paperback B 185mm x 148mm
Extent: 106 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Health | Healing | Nutritional Advice